Baboulaye Cissokho

  Kora player & Vocalist (Senegal)

Author-composer, arranger, singer, percussionist and virtuoso of the kora, Abdoulaye Cissokho aka Baboulaye Sissokho trained at the school of tradition, then at the conservatory and Daniel Sorano. Coming from a large family of Mandingo griot musicians and singers from eastern Senegal, Baboulaye Cissokho is also open to other musical styles such as afro-jazz, afro-pop, afro-folk and Brazilian music. read more»

Idd Aziz

 Vocalist & Musician (Nairobi / Kenya)

Idd Aziz style combines World sounds with deep African roots into a form of Afro-fusion music. His combination of the expressive, compassionate and soulful music creates a unique sound for the musical market worldwide. Idds passionate, cultural music has influenced great diversity in his vocal style coming from deep place within his heart and can be felt clearly by any listener. read more»

Funky George

Sax Player

Georg Barnert aka Funky George  is a multi talented Musician, Singer, Composer and Arranger.
While performing live he is able to play the right melody at the right moment which is rewarded by a cheering audience! He is at home in all those styles: Classic, Jazz, Swing, Latin, Bossa, House, Funk, Soul, Disco… read more»

Carl Avory UK

Vocalist / UK – AUSTRIA

 For anyone who has experienced the unusual contradiction that is Carl Avory it seems to be something they never forget. Is it the “Hooligan” looks, the brutal energy, the immense vocal range, or just the fact that you are listening to one of the biggest hearts in the business? read more»