Stoney the Flute (Austria)






Before Michael Steindl a.k.a. Stoney the Flute established himself in Vienna’s electronic scene, he studied classical flute at a Viennese music school. At the age of 16 he was already playing in various funk bands and began to develop his style towards jazz and acid jazz. In 2002 he finally began studying jazz flute at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory. He later discovered his love for electronic music and worked both in the studio and live with well-known artists from the Viennese electronic scene, such as Shanti Roots, Stefan Obermaier (Vienna Scientists), Mauracher (Fabrique/Universal Records), Karuan (Sunshine), Rodney Hunter and Karl Möstl (G-Stone). In the clubs he accompanied numerous DJs such as Scheibosan, Jürgen Drimal, Bionic Kid or DJ collectives such as Bujaka, Groovebox and Clubcruise with his unique jazz flute improvisations. This began a musical journey that took him through numerous projects through clubs and festivals from Europe to Africa.




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