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Mawinguni is a confession of passion. It is an expression of the place that love takes us into. It is a plea for more of that feeling, the floating, the journey into the clouds when a moment of love is shared. He says, “Come take me into your arms, where it feels like floating on clouds. Let us fly into your love, where it feels like resting on clouds.” Here, clouds represent that dreamy state, that feeling of drifting into love’s embrace.
This cross cultural production is a collaboration between Sidney Simila on vocals and synthesisers, Max Doblhoff on Drums and percussions, featuring the Giriama grooves of the Mijikenda Drums band, with a Dub element fused in. It takes you on a journey, into the very “clouds” that the song is talking about.

Guest musician´s recorded on Mawinguni:
Vocals & Synths – Sidney Simila (Kenya)
Drums & Percussions – Max Doblhoff (Austria)
Mijikenda Drums – Joseph (Lamu/ Kenya)
Produced, composed, recorded & arranged by:
Sidney Simila & Max Doblhoff (Kenya)
Mastered by  Goonmastering (Austria).
Original Cover Painting by Simon Mauri (Lamu/ Kenya)
Official release date: 14 Feb 2023
Label: Clubcruise Music