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Vocalist / UK – AUSTRIA

 For anyone who has experienced the unusual contradiction that is Carl Avory it seems to be something they never forget. Is it the “Hooligan” looks, the brutal energy, the immense vocal range, or just the fact that you are listening to one of the biggest hearts in the business? There are few performers that unleash themselves with an honesty like this one.

Not interested in the cosmetics of modern pop idealism Carl will sweat, laugh, cry, headbang, pogo or joke if the feeling is there.
In short, Carl is pouring out his soul everytime he performs making you feel at ease and provoking you to release what is within your own heart. “Lets face it, that’s what music is for!”

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Carl Avory feat Ramon – Live 

Carl Avory feat Big City Splash – Live 

Carl Avory & The New Commitments – Live 

Carl Avory ft. Vienaloco – Live Jams


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